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The development prospect of metal carving board

Issuing time:2020-12-22 00:00

The metal carved board sets heat preservation and insulation and exterior wall decoration in one.Compared with the traditional exterior wall thermal insulation decorative materials, the metal carved plate has excellent thermal insulation characteristics and good cold and heat insulation performance, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of heating and refrigeration, thus saving the energy expenditure.The product has high cost performance, which shows better advantages in the products of external wall insulation and decoration materials.

The installation is simple and convenient, save manpower and time cost.Meixin jinjian brand metal carved plate is light in weight and small in volume, with the weight of only 3.6 kg per square meter. It saves time and effort in handling and installation. The installation method is simple and fast, and it is not restricted by seasonal climate and geographical environment, so it is suitable for the whole year.

What's more, light and land - saving and shock - resistant crack prevention.With light weight, high strength and good impact resistance, it not only reduces the burden of the building itself, but also greatly reduces the impact of the earthquake on the building.

By the way, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound insulation and noise reduction.The structure of the plate itself is excellent, and the installation method of concave and convex plug and buckle groove is adopted to avoid the structural damage caused by rain, snow, freezing, melting, dry and wet circulation. After installation, the water seepage of the wall is eliminated, and the mildew phenomenon of the indoor wall is effectively avoided.Even if be in cold area, the metal carving board with stable performance also does not have the worry that seepage is out of shape, extended the service life of the building.At the same time, the core material in the middle of the board is a heat preservation and sound insulation layer composed of high density polyurethane foam, and its internal is an independent closed bubble structure, which has a good sound insulation effect, effectively reducing outdoor noise into the room and keeping the indoor environment quiet.

Moreover, green environmental protection, durable.With stable chemical and physical structure, will not decompose mildew, no radiation, green environmental protection, easy to clean, durable, long service life.

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